As your dog advances in age, there are ways to make her comfortable and improve her health without breaking the bank. These measures enable you to set aside more savings in case she needs medication, more vet visits or even surgery to care for her health needs. Here ar...

With many common household items toxic to pets, it’s important that pet owners to educate themselves to ensure they keep unsafe items out of paw’s reach.

Adopting a pet for the first time is a rewarding opportunity for you and your family. You can create a life-long bond with a pet, as well as new and exciting memories. However, such rewards and benefits also come with a host of responsibilities. Caring for your pet inc...

March 26, 2018

A well-rounded distillery cat possesses the heart (and claws) of a cold-blooded hunter with a mix of bodega cat street smarts and the rafters-climbing sense of adventure of his country cousin, the barn cat, with the affable people-person skills of the bookstore cat.

March 12, 2018

Pet ownership in the U.S. is trending younger and younger. 57 million pet owners under age 40 account for 41 percent of all pet owning adults.